Mini Wiffle Balls - 12 Pack

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Add to your batting practice routines with Mini Wiffle Balls that train your hand-eye coordination and barrel-up ability.

A smaller room-for-error at point-of-contact will help take your vision performance and hitting ability to the next level!

When your eyes improve, you improve!

- Increase hard contact percentage.

- Improve bat-control.

- Make your batting practice sessions feel like a game again!


Leading By Example

Applied Vision Brand Philosophy

The beautiful thing about having goals as a ballplayer is the game will challenge you to lead by example. It's not what you "say" that best reflects what you want out of this game...

It's what you do. Especially when no ones watching.

How you take batting practice, warm-up, interact with teammates, deal with failure, losing & earning playing time & what you do off the field, speaks volumes.

With each product we make available, our goal is to help players lead by example.