Crazy Movement & Super Durable Wiffle Balls

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As hitters, we're only as good as the pitches we swing at!

Train your ability to recognize spin, speed, and location of pitches with movement!

These Crazy Movement & Super Durable Wiffle Balls will keep your batting practices fun but challenging!

  • Practically indestructible
    • Made from a proprietary material that can deform and instantly return to its original shape.
    • Will not crack, dent, or break, even after thousands of hits.
    • Can withstand years of use.
  • Limited flight ball
    • Authentic size and feel of a real baseball.
    • Does not travel far, so you can practice in a yard or limited space without worrying about damaging property or structures.
  • Gives instant feedback
    • When the bat connects with the ball, you will feel the sweet spot.
    • This allows you to fine-tune your swing accuracy, speed, and power.
    • Perfect for coaches who need to analyze a player's ball contact.
  • Enhanced visual acuity
    • The two-tone hemispheres make it easy to see the spin of the ball.
    • The neon color provides even better visual acuity than other two-tone hitting balls.
    • Great for both hitting and pitching.
  • Perfect for warm-up
    • Low impact and less strain on muscles and joints.
    • Can be hit into a net or batting screen.
    • An incredibly versatile tool.

Leading By Example

Applied Vision Brand Philosophy

The beautiful thing about having goals as a ballplayer is the game will challenge you to lead by example. It's not what you "say" that best reflects what you want out of this game.

It's what you do. Especially when no ones watching.

How you take batting practice, warm-up, interact with teammates, deal with failure, losing & earning playing time & what you do off the field, speaks volumes.

With each product we make available, our goal is to help players lead by example.