Even though we use the word "Strobe" our Reflex Strobe Glasses does not utilize light emission in any way. 

Instead, it functions as a device with shutters that block out light. 

Throughout the history of both the Reflex Strobe Glasses and other Strobe training glasses, there has not been a singular reported instance of the product causing a seizure. 

Photosensitive seizures are typically most triggered by stimulus frequencies ranging from 15 to 20 Hz. 

The default frequency range of the Senaptec Strobe is 1 to 6 Hz, which significantly deviates from the commonly associated seizure range. 

Nevertheless, for individuals with a history of seizures induced by light exposure, it is advised to abstain from using the Senaptec Strobe as a precautionary measure. 

Should you harbor concerns regarding your medical condition, it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider first before incorporating our Reflex Strobe Glasses.